Hospital Care

Avoidable hospital admissions are rising dramatically on a worldwide basis due to ever-increasing levels of obesity and chronic disease.

Public hospitals are under significant pressure therefore, to better integrate their emergency departments and discharge planning with integrated primary health services to reduce re-admissions and contain costs of care.

Private payers are also expecting private hospitals to take-on more risk and financial accountability for actual patient outcomes and to reduce system costs.

To drive home their point, both Public and Private payers are now piloting global capitation models which cap funds-per-patient for a bundle of hospital services, medical devices and drugs.

Large private hospital groups in maturing markets are also starting to face slower growth with few options to build/acquire meaningful new bed capacity. Increasingly they must look instead to Digital Health solutions to drive significant shareholder returns.

What we do

At Medteryx we help our Hospital clients to deliver significant improvements using Digital Health tools and solutions to improve operational performance, clinical outcomes and bottom line results in three key areas: