Apps for Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring programs are on the increase. Smart Phones have significantly improved usability and cost effectiveness/ROI of remote monitoring apps for mental health.

Complex poly-morbid mental health patients, who drive the majority of potentially avoidable emergency department admissions and system costs, are now prime candidates for remote monitoring.

What we do

Our digital health advisory and implementation services for remote patient monitoring solutions are based on the proven applications developed by our international technology partner Medixine (EU).

Medixine’s Suite application is used by over 150,000 patients, across 16 countries.

Medixine’s best practice application capabilities include:

  • Patient well-being questionnaires
  • Tele-health video tools for remote patient to doctor consultations
  • Decision support tools: clinical indicator trending and reminders and alerts
  • Tele-monitoring tools for patient self-care of medication management, weight, glucose, blood pressure, and peak flow
  • Home monitoring devices
  • Data logging via patient’s mobile phone, iPad or Internet

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