New Models of care for Mental Health

Many studies have shown that mental health services in primary care settings and private hospitals are skewed to the ‘worried well’ or mild acuity patient.

Comparatively few mental health resources are systematically directed to assist the cohort of patients with moderate levels of mental illness.

This large cohort of people –often called the ‘missing middle’ –simply don’t get access to the mental health services they need prior to being admitted to emergency departments, or upon discharge from hospital back into the community.

It is no surprise therefore, that people with mental illness from the ‘missing middle’

  • Have growth rates in emergency department admissions and re-admissions far exceeding population growth, and
  • Represent one of the largest patient cohorts at increasing risk of poor health outcomes in Australia.

What we do


We help primary care and private hospital providers to implement new models of care for mental health to reduce hospital length of stay and re-admissions in two key areas

Design new models of AI assisted care for people with moderate‑to‑severe mental illness who are underserved and have poor, costly outcomes

Develop winning proposals for providers to secure additional Government funding to provide innovative value‑for‑money services for mental health care, leveraging AI solutions.