Health IT Diagnostic

Many aspirational Health IT projects to deliver ‘a fully digital hospital patient record’ or ‘cloud based patient platforms’ have led recently to write-offs of tens of millions of dollars.

Less than robust IT governance models and poor user engagement are often the root causes.

Health IT budget overruns drain valuable resources and put the broader organisation at risk, and cost management their jobs.

What we do

At Medteyrx we draw on our practical experience to help our clients to ensure their Health IT developments deliver real results.

Our Health IT diagnostic identifies underlying issues and improvement opportunities in 4 key areas:

  1. How robust is the IT Governance structure?
  2. Is the IS/IT roadmap tightly linked to corporate strategy?
  3. How mature is the organisational approach to project management, what execution skills are missing?
  4. Can additional system benefits be realised for minimal cost?