Waste and Cost Reduction

Our consultants have worked extensively across the hospital sector to reduce waste and lower costs.

What we do

We work at two levels to help our clients on waste and cost reduction:

  1. Strategic cost reduction—targeted improvement, often yielding rapid returns
  2. Continuous improvement —based on our LeanAGILE methodology and proprietary tools

Examples of strategic waste/cost reduction:

  • Incorrect DRG coding
  • Procurement contracts
  • IT systems licensing and maintenance

Examples of continuous improvement based cost reduction:

  • Food wastage
  • Out of date blood supplies
  • Expiry of high cost pharmaceuticals
  • Orthopaedic devices—inventory and spare parts
Example Results
  • Reductions in high cost pharmaceuticals and pharmacy inventory of 5–20%
  • Decrease in unused and duplication of diagnostic tests typically 10–25%
  • Decrease in food wastage by typically 10–20%
  • Stores and Ward inventory reductions of 15–25%

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