Shared Services Improvement

‘Over-the-top’ companies such as Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are driving major shifts in the way people expect services to be delivered globally.

Healthcare and Digital Health sectors are not immune to these major shifts in service expectations.

Corporate customers and health care consumers increasingly expect more of Medtech and Pharma companies in terms of customer service levels and support –across all dimensions of quality, cost and time.

However, most customer service models and shared services functions in Medtech and Pharma were designed over 10 years ago. Typically these models involve outsourced operations which are now rapidly becoming legacy structures, not competitive differentiators.

Medtech and Pharma companies have no option other than to urgently modernise their customer service processes and internal shared services operations, or risk being wiped-out by over-the-top new entrants.

What we do

At Medteryx we work with some of the largest Medtech and Pharma players in the world to radically improve their

  • Customer service capabilities, and
  • Back-office operations.

We contribute ‘breakthrough’ thinking—where other generalist consultants and re-badged accounting firms have typically gotten stuck—to deliver sustained results.

We use our LeanAGILE problem solving approach to rapidly prototype new service solutions and to engage front line staff.

We also bring back-office shared services improvement programs to-life using our proprietary Visual Performance Monitoring tools.