Rapid Diagnostic

Our ‘rapid diagnostic’ helps our clients to determine the underlying improvement potential inherent in their hospital capacity and outpatient services.

We are conscious many generalist consultants or accounting / business process outsourcing firms frustrate healthcare clients by taking months to complete a diagnostic review, and by tabling lengthy reports full of generic motherhoods.

Our typical rapid diagnostic takes a few weeks, provides highly specific recommendations and a prioritised checklist for implementation.

We use a timely, iterative and proprietary process to develop insights and quantify improvement potential using our proprietary LeanAGILE problem solving approach and tools.

What we do

Our consultants make sure our diagnostic reviews are always completed with local hospital CEO, management team and director of clinical services involvement.

Our rapid diagnostic approach has four (4) key steps:

1.  Assess current performance and clarify key issues -where appropriate use external benchmarks.

2. Identify and engage key management team members and clinical staff to outline improvement opportunities.

3. Summarise capacity improvement potential in bed-days and revenue/billings forgone.

4. Provide detailed key next steps including a checklist of no more than 10 key actions to get started.