Digital Hospital

Digital Hospital

Context: Our US technical partner pingmd and Children’s Hospital of Orange County, LA

Medteryx was appointed as the Australian/NZ distributor for pingmd a highly innovative eHealth communication platform rapidly expanding across the US. pingMD was voted by PC Magazine, as one of the top 10 healthcare apps changing healthcare for the better in the US. (pingMD was recently acquired)

As part of working with pingMD we visited Children’s Hospital Orange County (CHOC) in Los Angeles to witness first hand how hospital specialists use Digital Health to build referral networks with their colleagues and primary care physicians.  We also learned how they use the secure pingmd app to capture photos, videos, and text based referrals; and how they use pingmd to interact with patients who provide relevant information via pingmd to their care team for immediate feedback. Pingmd is currently being integrated with Cerner at CHOC Children’s (a HIMSS Level 7 facility) to ensure a seamless electronic medical record.

Results delivered

  • Children’s Hospital of Orange County have rolled-out pingmd to over 250 hospital specialists
  • In September 2015, CHOC Children’s was successful in winning a US$17 million US government grant to roll out better integrated care to GPs and community specialists leveraging pingmd as their enabling eHealth platform.