Primary Care Services

Primary care services are being impacted by
three mega-trends—aging populations, escalating rates of chronic disease, and pay-for-performance funding models.

With more than 85% of total health care spend now due to complications of chronic disease, the urgency for change in the primary care setting is greater than ever.

Wellness and prevention programs are increasingly being pursued to try to ‘bend the trend’. However, these programs are often costly, have poor patient adherence, and have questionable clinical outcomes.

General Practitioner (GP) models are also undergoing fundamental change. More and more GPs are moving to group practices and management-led corporate provider models. Similarly the evidence supporting the benefits of these overall changes in GP models is also mixed.

Governments too are staring to cut back on growing per-capita costs and are moving to risk-based funding models which pay GPs on actual patient outcomes.

Without new models of coordinated care, overworked GPs, waiting room delays and escalating emergency department admissions, will reach breaking point.

What we do

We help our primary care clients in four key areas: