Population Health Financial Appraisals

Wellness and prevention programs are being pursued by health services globally to try to ‘bend the trend’ of ever increasing and unsustainable levels of chronic disease.

These programs are however, often costly, have very poor patient adherence and have questionable clinical outcomes.

As a result, many public and private sponsors now require rigorous, independent cost/benefit analyses to demonstrate ‘value for money’ before they will release funding for wellness and prevention programs.

What we do

A man discussing financial results on phone

Medteryx provide independent expert, financial appraisals for primary health and preventative care initiatives.

Contact us for more information regarding our experience in assessing value-for-money outcomes for campaigns such as:

  • Anti smoking campaigns
  • Alcohol harm reduction
  • Burn prevention
  • Diabetes screening and coordinated care initiatives
  • Skin cancer prevention
  • Telephone based guided health coaching
  • Weight loss programs.