Medixine Digital Health Suite

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Medixine (Europe)
Remote patient monitoring and team care solutions partner

The Solution: Medixine Suite

Medteryx are the Australia/NZ agents for Medixine Suite which provides  comprehensive communications, monitoring and care-team collaboration tools as a single eHealth enabling platform for mental health, integrated care and wellness applications.

The Medixine Suite is easily customised using a set of product modules, for optimum performance and cost effectiveness.

Medixine are based in Finland, with over 17 years of experience.

Their platforms support multi-modal (Internet, tablet, smart phone, server to server, IVR, voice and written) communication solutions, and are used by

        • More than 200,000 patients
        • Across 16 countries.

Medixine solutions are easy to use, trusted by State health departments and insurance providers, and are proven by clinicians to yield smooth communication processes that result in high quality care and cost savings.

Medixine’s customers include system integrators, large healthcare providers, insurance companies, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.