About Medteryx

High Performance Healthcare

Medteryx is a boutique e-Health and technology services firm. We deliberately specialise in the healthcare industry and we tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of our healthcare clients.

This is because we know how frustrating it can be for healthcare clients to receive poorly implemented technology solutions from accounting/outsourcing firms. Their junior teams typically lack the pragmatic focus on results and skills required to solve complex design problems, engage staff or lead change.

So, we dedicate ourselves to hand-crafting solutions that meet your specific need and our senior resources work on-site, alongside your team, to deliver actionable technology solutions that drive innovative and sustained improvements.

Results Delivered

We also know how hard Systems implementation and sustaining results can be in healthcare.

Hence, we put extensive effort up‑front into change management activities. Our innovative approaches to implementation are based on our practical lessons learned and the experience of our international partners.

Most importantly, we build our Client team’s competence during the e-Health engagement to ensure they have new skills to deliver sustained improvements.

Our international reach, proprietary tools and hands-on experience delivers real results.

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